Why Kimmy Gibbler Should Be Your Role Model

“Despite the negativity, Kimmy remains confident and opinionated. She rarely misses an opportunity to flaunt her quirky individuality. “

Big B and Mo' Money

Fuller HouseIt has been described as “an inescapable nightmare” and “a new low in the current culture’s inability to leave behind the blankies, binkies and wubbies of one’s youth.” Writer Rich Juzwiak described the viewing experience as “what tripping on ayahuasca must be like.”

Critics do not like Fuller House.

Though, as of today, the new Fuller House has earned a paltry 38% on Rotten Tomatoes and seems to offer little more than aggressive nostalgia and thinly veiled jabs at the Olsen twins, the somewhat forced existence of this Netflix sequel has given the world an unexpected and well-needed gift: another glimpse into the life of Kimmy Gibbler, one of TV’s most underrated heroines.

Kimmy Gibbler is the socially awkward friend of D.J. and next-door neighbor of the Tanner family. Her role in the show is to permeate the often sickeningly wholesome Tanner family environment with hijinks and…

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5 Tips to Stay Motivated to go to the Gym.



Going to the gym is be one of the biggest worries of a lot of a lot of people. Many may feel like they are going to be being judged, that they won’t be able to perform the workouts, or that the gym may not be the best solution for their health concerns. I’m here to present to you 5 ways to defeat these doubts and to encourage you to take the first, or next, step in living a healthy and active life.

1) Make it the first thing to do in the morning:

It’s very easy to procrastinate in going to the gym. From “I’ll do it later” to “I just don’t have enough time,” we always put off exercising as if it is unnecessary and irrelevant. If you are lacking motivation to exercise, then get your workout out the way, first thing in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about it all day.

2) Set low expectations:

This may be a controversial advice, but, think about it, if someone is finding it hard to go to the gym, and they keep imagining doing some crazy workout(s), they will be more afraid to go because of the added pressure they’ve put on them self by raising their expectations. Now, if this person just told them self that they were going to do a simple workout, then it will be much easier for them to go because they will be confident that they can actually complete it. We must remember to take things one step at a time. No one is going to be squatting 400 lbs. their first day at their gym; we must remember to start simple and go at our own pace.

3) Get an accountability partner:

The good thing about accountability partners is that they can be pretty much anyone; it doesn’t matter if it is your friend, parent, spouse, or trainer, as long as this person is encouraging you to be as healthy as you aim to be, then they are eligible to be your accountability partner. Remember, this is a valuable resource to have. Not everyone has a person who is pushing and encouraging them to be healthy, so when in this situation, take full advantage of it.

4) Do an activity that you actually like:

I know this article is about the staying motivated to go to the gym, but there are so many workouts that can help burn calories, which don’t include lifting weights or running on a treadmill. If you’re more of an outdoorsy person, then maybe go walk a long walk, or hike. If you prefer to stay indoors then you could try doing some workout videos, or maybe try a product such as the Wii Fit. There are so many options besides going to the gym; we must remember to take advantage of these opportunities.

5) Keep track of your progress/regress:

If you have been spending a lot of time at the gym and you’ve noticed that you have made some gains, then this will encourage you to keep going back because now you are starting to realize the importance of exercise and why it’s crucial to stick to your gym routine. On the other hand, if you haven’t been hitting the gym frequently, and you’ve noticed the regression on your health, then this should remind you to be more consistent when it comes to going to the gym.

A simple workout, for 4-5 days a week, can leave an outstanding improvement on our health. The process (going to the gym) is always the hardest, but the end result (losing weight/gaining muscle) is worth all the sweat, aches, and soreness. We must remember to treat our bodies with the best care that we could, before it’s too late. As the saying goes, “Use it, or lose it.”

Thanks for reading my post. Have a great week!


Keeping Your Sanity in the Midst of College: 5 Tips Students Should add to their Daily Routines.


As college students, we are all too familiar with the constant headaches that come with school, work, internships, and relationships. We a stuck in the middle of a pendulum that swings from “You’re too old for that,” to “You can’t afford to pay for that.” The continual pressures and responsibilities inflicted upon us can cause a world of madness within our selves.  As a college student, here are 5 tips that i use to avoid the avoid the craziness and maintain my sanity:

  1. Prayer: Being a Christian, having a personal relationship with Christ through prayer is one of the greatest blessings possible. Prayer gives me an opportunity to be honest, to be vulnerable, and to be open with the Most High. Whether its before I start my day, or after my day is already over, having a conversation with Christ allows me to few refreshed and gives me an energy to go out and face the world.
  2. Do a short reading: Remember, “a short story a day keeps the madness away.” It does not even have to be a book; it can be an magazine article, a blog, or just a quick poem. Just keeping my mind active by reading something presents me an inside into the lives of others and allows me to see my self in someone else’s shoes.
  3. Call home: This is probably the hardest for me to do. Not because I don’t want to talk to my loved ones, but because I’m so caught up in what i’m supposed to be doing at school and work, i sometimes forget to even communicate with them. I try to call home at least once a week to talk to my loved ones and let them know how things are going. When i call home i feel reassured that there are a lot of people who do love and support me. Getting the chance to talk to them is just a reminder of those feelings.
  4. Drink less caffeine and more water: Yes, i know the temptation is so blunt and in your face. From the vending machines, to the cashier asking you if “you want soda with that?”, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements reminding us to consume more and more caffeine. Not saying that drinking soda is the worst thing in the world, but lets not forget what we were originally made to drink-water. There are so many benefits that comes from drinking water, such as having an increase in alertness and mood, we cannot forget to ignore this one key ingredient in living a insanity-free life.
  5. Try talking to a random person: I always try to talk to someone new. He or she could be of a different ethnicity, a different religion, and/or even a different political affiliation. There are so many amazing, unique people in this world ( or in this case, on my campus ), i try not to let these differences keep me back from engaging in what could be an awesome conversation. I try to start of small when approaching new people. It may be a simple “Hey!”, or “How’s your day going?”, but you never know how far these small expressions can carry you.

So there you have it. The five tips that help me to maintain my insanity, while in college, are praying, reading a short story/article, calling home, drinking more water, and talking to new people.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. Have a great day.